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13 November 2012 @ 11:59 pm
Dislike for Busan? Or....  

Title: Dislike for Busan? Or....
Original Author: Any time
Translator: likuna13_93
Pairing:  Jaemin . Yoosu(passing by)

Rating: G
Description: Jaejoong has the  fiancé from childhood...and he hates everything that is related to busan, photo cameras and their owners.
T/N :  poster was made by  ❝G-Way❥Graphics❞

They met when Changmin was five years old and his family recently moved to Seoul from Busan.  He had a beautiful toy car he was dragging by string  and pretended that it was radio-controlled model .  And Jaejoong had a beautiful set of cooking pans , uncontrollable and eager to hit their clumsy owner’s forehead.  It was a love at first sight……………..Almost.

They were fighting for toys all the time, making a supernova explosion within one sandbox. Changmin wanted to play with Jaejoong, whose name he couldn’t pronounce and curtailed it to annoying “Jae”.  There weren’t other children of their age within their block.  

- “ Jae-ah, let’s play! Loooook, I have a car! I will be riding to Busan and carrying goods just like my Dad. And you’ll be my wife. You should have to cook me a dinner to my arrival. Look at how many utensils you have. I don’t even know their names.  Why do you need so many identical utensils? And I like to eat. What will you cook for me today? Hey, where are you going? I’m talking to you. Hey Jae, hey, come baaaack!! “

Changmin tried to be polite as mom taught him. But Jaejoong, for some reason, didn’t appreciate it.  He was mumbling all the time that he’s already big, goes to school and isn’t going to play with kids.  And in fact he’s a boy, and Changmin ‘s a fool! Here.

~twenty years later~

- “ Hyung, why are you hiding under the counter? Have you seen a ghost? “ – Yoochun decided that Jaejoong was in  his usual self.  Seems like, his erratic cook has found adventures on his bum again. – “ Get out of there, whom are you looking out? We are closing soon; are you going to sit there for a long time?”

Jaejoong tried to show the most plaintive expression. Usually, Yoochun would have forgiven everything immediately, suggested to close café quickly and go out somewhere to keep mind off things. But not today! At the day when the chief of the most beautiful cafe in Seoul persuaded Kim Junsu to go on a date! Three months of long phone calls, delivery of vitamin cocktails to the house and joint jogs in the mornings. Yoochun was the awful sleepyhead; he had to even bought a new advanced alarm clock for not to be late.  And, at last, today they’re going on a premiere of new musical.

So no indulgences for lazy bums.  

- “ Jaejoong – hyung, hurry. Your shift hasn’t ended, order on the fifth table: Busan spicy soup. Why do I pay your salary? Oooh, feels my heart, you won’t become best worker this month. And, by the way, when will you go to photo studio? I’ve asked you to take photo for hall of fame for so many times already! Though, on the second thought, why do you need it?  You decided to work as a house-elf, rather than a cook, right? And they certainly don’t need salary and hall of fame. I ask you for the last time: how long are you going to sit there?

- “But Yoochun-ah! It’s a matter of life and death! “ - Jaejoong continued to look out suspiciously from his hideout – “ You do know that I can’t stand anything related to Busan, photo cameras and their owners!”

Yoochun mused over it. How can one understand this? Where is the connection between soup, photography and the thing, which made Jaejoong decide to not get out of his hiding place?

- “If you don’t want to be photographed – you don’t have to. It’s okay with me. But can you please explain me why do you shirk your work?”

- “Because our kitchen has glass walls and everyone can see me! “

- “why, you’ve decided to poison food for that attractive client at fifth table, but too shy to do it? “ – Yoochun sighed. Junsu will kill him if he’s late. – “It was you who wanted everything to be as in foreign movies, for clients to watch at food - preparation process, wasn’t you? Hyung please stop being capricious!”

-“ I’m not capricious!” – Jaejoong exasperated, - “ You just don’t understand! Remember I told you that I had an annoying neighbor in childhood? So here he is – at the fifth table! Shim Changmin!”

- “ O, as in your fiancé? “ – Yoochun secretly looked back – “You’ve never said that he’s so handsome”

- “ HE IS NOT MY FIANCÉ !!! He was following me like a tail and tormented my life! My childhood was messed up because of him. Everyone called us husband and wife! I H-A-T-E Busan! He buzzed my ears talking about how beautiful and extraordinary there is, and how local dishes are tasty. I H-A-T-E photo cameras! During high school he photographed me in an apron and then blackmailed me! For food!!

- “ And why is it bad to be photographed in the apron? There are plenty of male cooks in the world. “

Jaejoong somehow became embarrassed and tried to crawl away further.

- “ Hyung? ?“

- “ It, it..” – Jaejoong sighed – “well, there was bunny painted on it; a cute one. It wasn’t even my apron to start with! These are all sisters, I was getting everything after them! even toys, “ – Jaejoong saddened – “ cooking pans as well…”

Yoochun looked back once more. Mhmm, there’s really somethin’ in this Changmin. Tall, stylish, beautiful eyes. He’s certainly Jaejoong’s type. Look how hyung reacts at him. First unfortunate love maybe?

- “ haa, and why are you hiding now? He’s just a client who waits for his order. And he’ll be sitting there unless you crawl out of there and cook that damned soup.  And for your information, when little boys like girls, they pull their hair to draw their attention. As far as I know, that Shim Changmin was really terrorizing you in childhood. “

- “ What it has to do with this? And I’m a boy, not a girl! Come on Yoochun-ah! I won’t go! Tell that we’re out of seafood or that it’s late and we’re already closing, haa? In return I’ll ask Junsu what type of guys he likes.”

- “ Junsu likes me! And it’s already late, that Changmin is coming here. Seems like he got tired of waiting for his soup. Look at his hungry look. You keep cool and don’t act like you were in childhood – hitting pan right into head. There’s not a sandbox here. Be gentler, maybe this Changmin is your destiny?! I’m late because of you by the way. So deal with your fiancé yourself and remember to close café. Bye!!!

Yoochun left café and lit the cigarette. Definitely, Jaejoong – hyung is too timid. He needs to be pushed forward, or else he’ll never find a guy this way. Something might actually turn out of this food lover!

All in all, Yoochun was pleased with himself. And even Jaejoong’s tragic whisper after him didn’t spoil his mood at all.

~Another half a year later~

- “Yoboseyo, if you are calling Kim Jaejoong, I’m not home at the time and can’t answer your call. Please call me back later or leave me a message after the beep. And if it’s someone, by the name of Shim Changmin, who’s been in Busan for a month already and who knows what he’s doing there, then I’m not present at all! I don’t believe in a meeting of photographers on the historical homeland!! I left to aliens, evaporated and do not submit life signs.”

- “ Jae-ah, why the hell you don’t answer your phone?” – Changmin was fuming – “ Where are you? I’ve lost keys to our apartment. When you’ll return and bother enough to remember about me, I will revenge. Dinner’s from you. Big tasty dinner. And don’t you dare to order food from restaurant!!!!!! “

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Mrs. Ichigotabetaimissyoosu on November 14th, 2012 05:40 am (UTC)
Lol. Jae was in denial the entire time. :D So cute.
(Deleted comment)
mapi: jaedistorted_mapi on February 6th, 2013 03:50 pm (UTC)
ahah sweet!!
likuna13_93: minnielikuna13_93 on February 6th, 2013 08:10 pm (UTC)
Agree... that's why i've translated it